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stripes and olive

There is a hidden gem of a strip mall outside of DC that has become my reprieve from city living. It's a dream for this city dweller --free parking, a well stoked Target, and the best TJ Maxx ever (I bought my Kate Spade wedding shoes there for $40!) Well, imagine my disappointment when I went a few weeks ago to indulge in some suburban retail therapy and I couldn't find anything. Sad, dejected, and having a Cher/All by Myself moment, I decided to stop into the Old Navy in the shared lot to find some retail redemption. I wasn't expecting much but have you been in an Old Navy lately? If so, why haven't you told me?!

I remember reading this article a few years ago and thinking, I'll believe it when I see it. Welp, I've seen it. My eyes lit up like the heart eye emoji when I saw this velvet blazer. And this jacquard open front jacket? So good, right?  I picked up this striped dress knowing it would make for a really easy layering piece. It's only $35, super soft, really thick and a work appropriate length. When I bought it, I imagined wearing it with tights, over the knee boots, and a vest when temperatures cool but it's been unseasonably warm here (it was 84 degrees yesterday!) so I welcomed the opportunity to go sans tights. Tights season is the worst season, ammiright? I also picked up this swing dress and have already worn it under a moto jacket out on the weekends and under a pashmina for work. 

If you haven't already, check out Old Navy. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised with their Fall 2017 lookbook.

PS - Thanks for all your feedback on yesterday's post! I'm glad you're excited about the series, too!

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  1. AHH I'm loving that utility jacket! I still need to get one!
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/