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Oh my, it has been a long time. No need to count the days because you can all scroll down but we all know its been awhile since I've logged in here. What have I been doing instead?

I got married.
I left the MBA program.
I started a really great new job.

So, I've been a little busy.

But I've missed this little space, and I've missed writing.  I won't be writing/designing much in my new role so I want to maintain this space as an outlet. And here's the thing, sometimes in the blog world it is hard to remember that's all it is -- an outlet, hobby, and a digital archive of my life. It is easy to lose sight of that when engaging in a blog world filled with women blogging with different motivations. Thanks to my little break, I feel refocused and happy to be checking in again. For anyone still reading (hi mom!), thanks! Expect to see some more posts around here though they will probably be more on the personal side.... but with some superficial style posts peppered in :)


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  1. WOW! Big life changes -- and all great things. SO happy for you for following your bliss! I love thinking of blogging as a digital archive on my life and as an outlet. Do it for you girl, and for me, because I love reading along ;]

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal