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hello weekend!

Happy Friday, Friends!

This week has absolutely flown by! We're wrapping up the end of the fiscal year at work, wedding RSVP's are trickling in and the to-do list is building faster than I'm crossing things off (spoiler: I'm not crossing much off at all...). I'm telling myself that I'm looking forward to a weekend of nothing but deep down, I know its time to start crossing of to-dos. 

In addition to (maybe) crossing off to-do's, I'm trying my first Orange Theory fitness class, shooting with Kristyn, and going to see the Dixie Chicks! Some friends and I bought found tickets on Groupon 6 months ago and I'm so excited! How random, right?

Thanks to Monica, I'm a juice addict. I found this adorable shop in Philadelphia last week while traveling for work and wanted to spend all day there!

These link dump posts have been pretty pervasive in the blog world so I'm thinking about the best way to share some of the interesting articles I've read or a few products that have caught my eye. Let me know if there is something you want to see (or you definitely don't want to see).
  • Like every other basic betch out there, I am obsessed with LaCroix. Read about how it gained popularity and landed in all of our fridge's overnight. Side note: where can I get this "LaCroix over boys" shirt?
  • Here is a Chloe dupe for $28 if you're not into paying $1800+ for a trendy bag.
  • Does anyone bullet journal? What do you think? Fill me in!
  • I'm trying my first Orange Theory class this weekend and I'm really excited. I get bored really easily with workouts so I'm looking forward to trying something different. I've heard great things and am hoping to fall in love. There really is no motivation like a wedding dress but you know what, people didn't call me Shallow hAllio in college for nothing..
  • Flatforms are growing on me. Why oh why?
  • Speaking of why oh why, why are bridal separates (re: the fancy word from crop tops) a thing? :(
  • I have a selfish request: I need wedding shoes. Married people -- can you send me suggestions! I want something ~3 inches but comfortable. Did you switch out after the ceremony? 

What are you up to this weekend? Hope its a good one! xx

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