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LBD all star

I like to do little assessments of my closet here and there to see if I’m missing anything or if I should get rid of something to make way for something new. A few weeks back I realized I was missing a critical closet staple: a little black dress!


Now before you go revoking my blogger card you should know that I made finding the perfect LBD a priority and can say that I was successful in my mission. I found this dress at Nordstrom and immediately bought it. In the interest of full disclosure, I happened to stumble across an identical version at my local TJ Maxx for half the price a week later so I returned the ASTR dress and am wearing the TJ Maxx dress here. But for all intents and purposes, the dress is the same and it is now the reigning queen of my closet. And you should get it too.

The ASTR dress is universally flattering. It is a shift dress but not cut too tight and the lining is a few inches shorter than the overlay which leaves a cute peek of skin but doesn’t show too much skin that it isn’t work appropriate. The fabric is thick and holds shape but isn’t too thick meaning it covers everything you want covered without feeling heavy.

The textured lace floral print is the best part because the pattern can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it casually a few times (as seen here) but it is so easy to throw on a blazer, summer scarf, or heels to make it appropriate for the office.

It comes in a variety of colors like coral and rose but I'll probably pick up white for probably obvious reasons. I'm a white dress addict, friends! 

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  1. I almost bought this same dress at Nordstrom rack for your bridal shower! Haha