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why i love notecards

Who doesn't love getting some snail mail? Remember how exciting it was to get chain mail as a kid? Truthfully, I hated the burden of having to send out the next 10 letters but I sure did love receiving them. 

Now the only things I get in the mail are bills, save the dates, or baby announcements thought the latter of which are exciting. I hardly ever get "just because" snail mail which is arguably one of the best types of mail!

My love of sending and receiving snail mail is only compounded by my love of paper goods.  The ease of stationery personalization through Minted or even DIY and my local Target dollar spot stocking the cutest stationery only enables my enthusiasm. The result is a desk loaded with stationery and all my beautiful besties to send mail to. 

Luckily, I collected all of their mailing addresses earlier in the year for save the dates. I've really enjoyed popping a few notes in the mail here and there just to say "I'm thinking about ya". 

Keeping in touch is, in theory, made easier with the advances of social media but I feel that sometimes the authenticity of your sentiment is lost in oversaturated news feeds.  Handwriting a note is a nice change of pace and serves as a good prompt to remember why you love the person on the other end of the mailbox.  

Happy writing! XO

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