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swings and misses, volume 1

I used to consider myself a professional online shopper. Picture Russel Crowe in a beautiful mind scribbling furiously all over the chalkboard – that was akin to my level of research before purchasing something online. I would meticulously look for reviews and be sure anything I bought online I could return in store.  Somehow I lost my way. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of spending (grad school isn’t going to pay for itself) so I’ve been shopping a whole lot less. I guess online shopping is like a well-toned muscle; if you don’t use it, you lose it! I picked up a few things from Old Navy, Loft, and ASOS and almost completely struck out. I thought I would start a series around here to let you know of some shopping successes and failures. 

The success list is short for April. I bought these shoes from Old Navy and am in love. They are super comfortable, easy to walk in, and I can easily wear them to work or on the weekends. I saw them in store for $10 this weekend and almost purchased a second pair for when I inevitably run my current pair into the ground.  The only downfall is they take a few wears to break in but despite, I highly highly recommend them!

So without further ado, my swings and misses for April 2016:
  • Old Navy Pleated Trapeze Dress: It must be the bride in me but I've been really drawn to white dresses lately. This dress from Old Navy should have fit the bill but the fit was so off. I tried on my normal size at Old Navy (a medium) and the top was way too lose. The proportions were way off. The bottom half of the dress was flowy but given the structure of the top half I expected it to be more fitted. 
  • Old Navy White Denim Overalls: I wanted to love these so bad but again, the proportions were way off. The legs were snug and the top was huge! I'm pear shaped so that fit is not out of the ordinary for me but the disparity between the top and bottom was unordinary. The bottoms felt slim fit and the top felt like boyfriend or relaxed fit.
  • Old Navy Eyelit Midi Dress: This dress had the same problem as the first in that it was boxy and wide on top but fitted everywhere else. It is also an awkward length -- its not chic midi, its more church midi.
  • Loft Medallion Wrap Skirt: I really liked the fit, style, and material of this skirt but the print i person was a bit too juvinille for my taste. The fit is flattering for you pear ladies and the material is thick and comfortable. It is pretty highwaisted so keep that in mind if you pick it up.
  • ASOS Off Shoulder Mini Dress: This is an almost miss because I obviously kept it. It is humongous. I had to size down two sizes! I returned the first dress I bought and honestly might have returned the second if it didn't entail mailing it back to ASOS. This dress is really comofrtable but size down at least two sizes if you buy it.
  • Loft Geo Riviera Cropped Pants: Man, patterned pants are not flattering on my body. If I had any doubts, these pants confirmed it for me!

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  1. Same experience with that first old navy dress! Bummer, because it does look so cute!