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on friendships

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Pictures: Kristyn of Primp and Proper

This past weekend, Aaron and I had brunch with two of my old roommates. I lived with them during (for lack of better words) a strange period of my life. Without divulging too many details, since that is not the point of the post, I lived with them during a major period of unintended transition in my life and pretty significant struggle. I was thinking about moving home, was confused about the future of my relationship, and questioning my sense of place in DC.

I found an empty room on Craigslist, which is a totally normal way to find roommates here btw, without much hope to build relationships with them. Quite frankly, I had low expectations for my living situation. The room was super affordable, the house was well located, and the roommates were normal; I wasn’t looking for much more. I hoped to leverage the short term lease for some clarity and space and that time would help me make some of these major decisions hanging over me.

Well, I found that and more. My roommates turned out to be really incredible and fascinating people, and in relationships with equally as terrific of people. And if not for this serendipitous housing arrangement, our paths probably would have never crossed.

We don’t have many friends in common aside from each other so we have to be intentional about meeting up. We try to grab brunch every few months and it’s always as if we saw each other just the day before. The conversation flows as steadily as the mimosas and it’s not just the surface level stuff (though we do make time to catch up about Real Housewives). Brunch turns into an all day affair full of real life chats, laughs, and more mimosas. These are really special friends and the type of people you feel really lucky to have in your life. The type of friends who make your heart feel full and your mind at peace. All because I responded to a posting on Craiglist during what I thought to be a life pit.

It’s in these life moments devoid of expectation, like finding roommates on Craigslist, where blessings seem to be most plentiful. Too often we wear our expectations like lenses which can blind us from seeing the opportunity the Universe intentionally puts on our path. I’m the first to admit I get caught up in expectations but this weekend was the reminder I needed to start my week. So, let my brunch serve as your reminder, too. Life works in funny ways. Remove your blinders and keep your eyes open so you don’t miss it.

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  1. Love this post and the photos!! Your words are so true! The same could be said for our friendship!! Loved that a simple Instagram photo brought us to be great friends and hall mates!! Xo