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wrapping grocery store flowers

My local grocery store has small bunches of flowers that are 3 for $12. Despite the wallet friendly price tag, weekly flowers are still an indulgence but a treat I (far too) often take advantage of. Aaron doesn't even put up a fight anymore. They also make for the perfect gift or thank you but their presentation leaves little to be desired. Unfortunately, the store hardly ever has an attendant in the flower and balloons section so I usually wrap the flowers myself at home. As an aside, the only time I have ever seen someone working in that section was the one time I was "building my own bunch" you could say. I was taking out a dead stem in my bunch and replacing it with a fresh one from another bunch and got caught red handed, and red faced. #neveragain.

I think wrapping your own flowers adds a personal touch to giving someone flowers. You probably already have everything you need at home; you should try it sometime.

You will need:
  • Sharp scissors
  • Twine, ribbon, or string
  • A brown paper bag (or kraft paper if you have it)
  • Tissue or light wrapping paper

STEP 1 // Cut the brown paper bag around the borders so it lies flat.

STEP 2 // Similar to the way you make an envelope liner, make a paper liner by cutting a piece of tissue or wrapping paper an inch smaller than the brown paper.

STEP 3 // Arrange your flowers at the corner of the brown paper. Don't just lay them but actually arrange the flowers.

STEP 4 // Once the flowers are arranged, trim the stems to they are an even length. 

STEP 5 // This part is pretty intuitive but you will wrap the right half of the paper over to the left and tuck the excess under the flower stems. This is similar to how you roll a sushi roll, right? Take the left half and wrap it to the right all the way around the flowers and paper.

STEP 6 // If there is excess paper, fold the flap back to reveal some of the tissue. Secure with ribbon or twine.