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weekend athleisure

J.Crew Jacket | J.Crew Factory Shirt | J.Crew Factory Scarf | Banana Republic Pants | Nike Shoes (now 20% off!)| Target Bag
Photos by Kristyn

Greetings from New York where it is a bright and sunny 70 degrees. Spring has officially sprung and this outfit is officially irrelevant. But you know what, I couldn't care less! I will gladly pack up the scarves for sunshine and spray tans. 

I wore this outfit this weekend to bottomless brunch because I wanted to be comfortable and ready for where the day led. You never know what an afternoon post bottomeless brunch is going to look like so I figured comfort was critical.

Post brunch activities are high risk but high reward and some of the best (and not blog appropriate ) stories are the result of post mimosa brunch decisions. 

So what did I do after this bottomless brunch you may ask. Nothing. I did nothing. Literally. I'm turning 30 in a few months and this came over me as we started to make plans to brewery hop after brunch. I decided the most responsible thing I could do would be to go home rather than getting into any trouble. So I caught up on Bravo and the Bachelor and went to bed early.

HOW FREAKING BORING. I try to be responsible and now have no good stories to share. Who wants to listen to a story about how I went to brunch, went home, drank some water and watched The Bachelor?

The lesson for today is: make sure to go out after brunch. It makes for a way better blog post.

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