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The Best Drug Store Dry Shampoo

I recently asked a friend what she does when she runs out of dry shampoo and she replied, "I wash my hair more," and I gasped. I always have at least two cans so that never happens to me. 

Which led me to the realization....

I have an unhealthy obsession with dry shampoo.

I've seen a meme going around that reads, "by Friday, may hair is practically all dry shampoo" and this couldn't be more true for me and my Friday locks. I use dry shampoo almost daily. I like to use it after a fresh blow dry to give my fine tresses some oomph and to prevent it from getting it oily throughout the day. I also like to use some before I go to bed so that I can proactively absorb overnight oils. I find that if I use it on clean hair and before bed, I don't need much (if any) on day 2 hair. Because I use so my dry shampoo, I can't bother with the designer bottles so I stick with brands you can find at your local drug store. 

Let me obsession be your resource. I've rounded up the best (and the ones to avoid) for you below.

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  1. Thanks to you, I'm now a regular user of the Not Your Mother's. It took me until my mid-40's to experience the freedom of not washing my hair every.single.day. Highly recommended!