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DIY sugar lip scrub

I don't know about you but this winter has done a number of my skin and lips, in addition to my soul. Winter never ends here! While there is nothing I can do to about the soul crushing length of winter, I can do something about my dry lips. The only good thing about winter is the opportunity to rock a bold dark lip so keeping my lips smooth is critical. && the only thing worse than winter is Sephora charging $24 for a sugar lip scrub

What the what?

Yes, $24 for a sugar lip scrub. Seriously, peep the ingredients. Sugar is the first listed ingredient. Well, you know I love a good wallet friendly alternative and I was up to the challenge opportunity to DIY something myself. Luckily, I already had sugar cubes in my pantry.

So, get ready for this earth shattering DIY!

  • Sugar cubes ( I like to use sugar cubes rather than loose sugar because the ground cubes leave a coarse grain for exfoliating)
  • Coconut oil
  • A muddling tool
  • jewelry tray for good measure. You can use this tray when staging a humblebrag Instagram picture.

// STEP(S)//
  • Muddle sugar cubes with coconut oil.

Yep, that's it! After you've muddled the oil and sugar cubes, scrub the paste on your lips and rinse off after a few seconds. Your lips should be smooth and moisturized, and prime for a bold beautiful pout.

( I know this is a ridiculously simple DIY but consider it a PSA on how not to spend $20+ on sugar from Sephora.)