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stripes and leopard

It feels funny to share this post today when it is expected to be drizzly and overcast all day. But this weekend the sun was shining over DC, and it was incredible. 

I really struggle every winter with the dark skies and cold weather here. People, myself very much included, become so reclusive January through March so the energy of the city really settles. It’s no secret that I don’t love DC but I do love the energy of the city so it’s tough to lose that for a few months. SAD is real y’all!

But this weekend, the sun was out, birds chirping and yuppies were day drinking which is exactly how I like DC best. It was just the reminder and dash of hope I needed to get me through the rest of winter here. It wasn’t even 60 degrees which made it perfect in my eyes. All I needed was a vest, comfortable jeans, and a little pep in my step.

Now if only this sunshine could stick around a little longer. J

Hey, do me a favor and remind me of this post in July when I have melted into a puddle and am complaining about the heat!


  1. Do you wear an extender with your necklace? I have the same necklace and it is so much shorter on me!

    1. Hey Erin! I do not -- I just wear it hooked on the last loop. Sometimes I wear it hooked on the first loop and it looks more like a bib. Does that make sense?