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stripes and fur

This outfit includes three of my favorite things:
1. Stripes
2. A jean jacket
3. Aaron’s sunglasses

Aaron broke his sunglasses a few months ago and I tried to convince him to replace his beloved pair with a pair of wayfarers so I could wear them too. You know, a what’s mine is yours sorta deal. Aaron is too practical to overpay for sunglasses so I knew the only person in our household irresponsible enough to buy them was me. I dutifully bought him the pair for Christmas and he’s been wearing them ever since. I borrowed them this weekend and have now convinced myself I need a pair, too. I’ve never been great at sharing. My plan backfired. Clearly :)

It was unseasonably warm this past weekend so I took full advantage by getting out my jean jacket. I’ve written before about my love for this closet staple so it should come as no surprise I was happy for it to make a mid winter appearance.

(Despite the warmth, there was still snow on the ground (as seen above!) which was the last remnants of last week's Snowzilla!)

Other than Aaron's stolen sunglasses and my favorite jean jacket, some iteration of stripes and distressed jeans have been my go-to weekend outfit. Throw on some comfy shoes and I'm set. We made some last minute plans to grab mid-afternoon beers with a friend and while I didn't want to change, I did wan't to feel more polished. I made a few small changes, like adding a bold red lip and my favorite scarf at the moment, and felt ready to go.

I think that is why I enjoy having a uniform of sorts. It's easy to wear in a rush and easy to make a few small changes to make it feel more pulled together. Having easy to add accessories like (Aaron's sunglasses) or a faux fur scarf are quick and budget friendly ways to transform an outfit. And easy and budget friendly are exactly what I want for a Sunday afternoon. 

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