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a very merry playlist

I turned in my last paper of the semester this evening && you know what that means? I'm done with the semester and it feels mother flipping fantastic. This semester was not kind to me and living knee deep in shit finance homework has kept me from truly getting into the holiday spirit. But now that I'm done, I've become your every day Cindy Lou Who and plan to spend the next 10 days baking, sipping hot cocoa (probably with spiked with some peppermint schnapps), wrapping gifts, and finishing up some last minute shopping. It's about freaking time. 

I've really been loving posts that share current playlists or a monthly recap of favorite songs. It's a good way to hear new music, and get to know some of my favorite bloggers. A monthly playlist of favorite songs is a good glimpse into someone's personality, right? I thought I'd share my playlist too, and it's no surprise that it is a reflection of my festive mood. I'd love to hear your favorite holiday songs, too. Will you leave a comment with your spotify name so I can follow your music? it's the best way to discover new songs (and friends)!

* Can you believe Christmas is just 10 days away?!