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thoughts on comfort

So this is quite the stream of consciousness ….but bear with me here, okay?

This is essentially my work uniform: black bottom, loose blouse, pop of leopard or a statement heel. Maybe if I’m not running super late, I’ll throw a few waves in my hair for texture. It makes me comfortable and content, and allows me to focus on my actual work rather than fussing with an uncomfortable something throughout the day. It's also just easy. A go-to uniform makes feel good and gives me a little extra confidence, too. In regards to workwear, I'm satisfied with being comfortable.

But this notion of being satisfied with comfort leads me to think about the bigger picture professionally.

I have a great job. My boss is supportive, takes blames for my mistakes and always offers credit for my successes. The people on my team are intrinsically motivated but work hard to motivate each other. I get to work with really interesting volunteers and really enjoy the people I work with on a day to day basis. My employer subsidizes my grad school and is flexible with my school schedule.  Sure, there are things that drive me absolutely nuts about my job but I am perfectly content professionally.

But is that enough?

I think about what might make me more-than-content professionally. Perhaps it would be something more challenging or stimulating. I often wish I was doing something a bit more altruistic. But in some ways, that feels idealistic. Would only a perfect dream job make my professionally happy?  

Should I be more-than-content professionally?  Or is being content professionally the same as being happy professionally? If not, where is that line drawn?

You tell me – are you happy professionally? Or content? Or am I separating something that doesn’t need to be separated?

Skirt - Banana Republic
Top - Nordstrom
Trench - Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes - Piperlime (RIP)
Bag - Kate Spade


  1. The topic of your post is something I think about all the time. I love that my job gives me great benefits and that I have a good work-life balance, but I don't necessarily love the work I do. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing myself a disservice by not having a career doing something I truly care about. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer--it's definitely something I'm still working out.

  2. Get out of my head! I'm dealing with the same conflict right now. I am very content where I am, but I always feel required to "hustle", like if I actually have free time to come home and binge watch Netflix then I'm not doing enough. At what point can we just say good is good enough?

    I could be wrong, but I feel like at some point I read you worked in higher ed, is that still the case? If so I'm surprised our paths haven't crossed yet... I'm from Philly and work in the same industry :)

    Anyway, I hope you find the answer you're looking for. And if you do, please share!

  3. That's so tough. I'm still in school working toward my dream job, but the worries of contentedness still plague me. It's hard because I get so close to doing the work I want to do, but never quite get to, which leaves me feeling exhausted and unfulfilled and, frankly, burnt out, which is a bad place to be when I have minimum of six years ahead of me before I really get into the work. I don't have the answer either.. Keep us updated if you manage to figure something out!