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10 blanket scarves for fall

Basic bitches rejoice! Blanket scarf season is rapidly approaching (its not here yet though -- don't get it twisted, it's still 70 degrees in DC) and the trend is going no where.

In the past few years, betchy fashionistas had to wait patiently for Zara to restock their signature scarves which would sell out almost instantaneously leaving us to cry into our pumpkin spiced lattes. This year, retailers all over are trying to capitalize on the trend and this MBA student knows a high demand, high supply product leads to low costs in a competitive marketplace . I think....econ wasn't my best class..

Regardless of which economic principle is at play here, there are plenty of scarves for you to get your hands on this year.  I've rounded up 10 of my favorites under $40 below.

Happy shopping!

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