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nsale 2015

So unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably well aware of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The early access for cardholders ends today and the official sale starts tomorrow. Which means... shits about to get real.

The sale is on brand new fall styles which means now it the time to stock up on quality pieces to carry you through the fall and winter. Don't be short sighted and think about warm weather pices. Think boots, ponchos, and coats because that is what the sale is geared towards.

Personally, I like to shop online. The store is probably a little combed through at this point and with free shopping, free returns and free in-store pick up, you can't really go wrong.You can take your time online and search for exactly what you're looking for. I try to focus on big ticket, high quality deals like shoes or bags. Pieces like jeans or ponchos you can pick up at so many different price points throughout the year. Those Frye boots though? They're not going on sale for awhile. So stay strategic in your shopping.

I like to focus on bags, jewelry, shoes and beauty. My picks for the sale are below!





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