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Full disclosure: I love posts about summer reading lists or what books are on people's end table. Being a tad burnt out from school though,  I've gone the brainless route in my downtime -- bingewatching tv.

My weekday schedule changes almost weekly thanks to school and work so I don't really watch any shows in realtime. And with most shows on a hiatus during the summer, I'm pretty much only watching shows I can stream. I'm really enjoying UnReal and Odd Mom Out - two new shows this summer. I wasn't a fan of Bravo's last scripted series but each episode of Odd Mom Out is less than 30 minutes and keeps me laughing out loud. I tried to get into this season of the Bachelorette but I'm bored by Kaitlyn and her suitors. Instead, I'm getting my Bachelor fix through UnReal. Former contestants on the ABC show are coming out to highlight similarities and after watching the first few episodes, it all seems very plausible.

Streaming is a gateway drug to binge watching which is admittedly my favorite way to watch tv. Park me on the couch, pass me some snacks, and withhold judgement when I continue to hit next on Netflix. It's the best way to watch TV, right? Not having to wait for next week's episode but having it readily available at your finger tips is a dangerous convenience.

I flew through Friday Night Lights after falling in love with all the characters. It's a character drama that is not slow to develop; it is easy to buy into the story lines. Jason Katims, who produced Parenthood, is the head writer and executive producer so I promise you will love FNL f you are a Parenthood fan. Expect to feel the same connections to all the characters.

I feel like streaming is the way our generation watches TV. With so many fantastic shows only available through streaming (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Bloodline, etc) I'm curious to see how broadcast television evolves. Or is streaming the way of the future?

What are you watching and streaming right now? I'd love your recommendations!

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  1. I'm between shows right now, BUT I absolutely loved OITNB. A random show that I binge-watched: Parenthood. I loved it!!

    Annie Reeves