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a recent purchase you need to check out

Hey there. Just me popping in to say you HAVE to check out these leggings. I bought them last week since they are on sale as a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. They're regularly $49.00 which I personally think is insane to spend on a pair of leggings (which are not real pants, btw!). Though at $31.90 I figured they were worth checking out to see if they were worth the hype.

They are.

They are thick, form fitting, and high waited so you know what that means. They hold everything in. They hit your ankle in the right spot to wear heels (if thats your jam) or flats (more my jam). They are stretchy and comfy and hold their shape! I've already worn them countless times and they hold so so well. 

Check 'em out. Just a sizing note, they run a bit big so size down! The sale ends on Sunday so get them before they jump up again in price. You KNOW you'll be dying for a good pair of leggings once boot weather rolls around.... 

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