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where the $*@! have you been

I saw a friend yesterday who asked in so many words, "whats the deal with the blog?" 

My answer? "Oh shit. My blog."


I re-read my last post about going to Boston and actually laughed out loud thinking about how it feels like so long ago that I was in Boston. June has been a bit of a blur.  June marks the end of the fiscal year for me professionally so I spent a lot of time on the road meeting with volunteers and committees wrapping up this year and doing some strategic planning for next year. All pretty standard and expected for June.

Being the time management expert that I am (sense my sarcasm here), I also took a summer school course so I didn't get behind in my MBA program. Summer school classes pack a semester long class into a 6 week intensive with 3 hour classes twice a week. With an understanding of my professional responsibilities for June you would think I would try to take one of the easier courses. Nah, that makes too much sense. Instead I took a (required) class in data and analytical decision making which is supposed to be one of the hardest classes in the program. Try to imagine me in a statistical theory class each week. It is comical, right? I'm giggling too. The class culminated in writing a case study and defending your data analysis to the class. Considering I spent the first 4 weeks of class lost as all hell, my presentation was interesting to say the least. But hey, its over.

And that's how we get here. I'm back, bitches! I missed this little space. I missed sharing personal anecdotes. I missed being shallow and having a place to shamelessly share that. I missed writing. I missed being creative! Though I'm not sure my data was as statistically significant as it should have been, I am sure that my presentation was the most visually appealing. Hey, I know my strengths, okay? Aesthetically pleasing > data integrity. 

With 2015 being half way over, now is also as good a time as any to re-check in on my intentions for 2015. It is a nice reminder of what I'm doing well and what I can continue to work on. 

Second of half of 2015: LET'S DO THIS.