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watermelon mint julep

About 6 months ago, Aaron and I started staying in on Friday nights for an at home happy hour rather than going out. I work from home on Friday’s so by the time he got home, the last thing I wanted to do was change out of my yoga pants (the universal work from home uniform)  to go out but also was very ready for a change of pace. I’d pick up some cheese and crackers, and vegetables for crudité and he would bring home the bourbon.  We started with Old Fashioned’s and dubbed the tradition Old Fashioned Friday’s. Life gets busy during the week and we don't have a lot of time to just chill just the two of us so we made Friday our time. 

Call me old – but getting a little cocktail drunk at home is pretty damn fun. 

Since the weather has warmed up Aaron, our home’s resident mixologist, has started making new cocktails like greyhounds or mint juleps. We added a little watermelon to the mint julep this past weekend and folks, it was refreakingfreshing. Watermelon is also rich in antioxidants and mint helps with digestion so it’s practically healthy too. Whatever you need to tell yourself…

2 oz bourbon
1/4 cup watermelon, cubed, seeded
3 sprigs mint
1 tsp simple syrup
Seltzer Water to taste


  • Muddle the mint and watermelon with the simple syrup. Don't middle the mint too much or it will be bitter!
  • Added crushed ice to the brim of the glass
  • Add 2oz of bourbon over the ice
  • Add seltzer water to taste (I like mine with an extra splash)
If you want a more watermelon taste, puree the watermelon separately and mix it in after you add the bourbon.

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