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Happy Friday!

The San Francisco snapstory made me wildly homesick this week. I'm hoping to get home at some point this summer but between school and summer travel for work, I'm having a hard time finding a big enough chunk of time. Hopefully I can figure out a way to get home FOR work. Wouldn't that be the dream?

Whatcha up to this weekend? I took my hardest final last night (it was worth 80% of my grade -- isn't that insane?) so I feel like I'm home free even though I still have one more final on Tuesday. I'll do some studying but can't miss the Running of the Chihuahuas. I'm thinking of stopping by Taste of 8th -- has anyone been before? I've been to most of those restaurants since I live so close but I think it might be worth checking out.

Links I'm loving...
  • What do beauty insiders wear to work? Check out Sephora and Benefit employees in San Francisco.
  • Learn a little more about Orgin's Assistant Manager (and of my favorite bloggers) Rachel Martino in this Everygirl interview.
  • If I ever need inspiration on what to wear to a state dinner, I'll turn to Michelle Obama.
  • Have you tried any of these beauty tips?

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