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black, white, and leopard (again)

skirt (on sale for 40% off!) | jacket | shoes | bag | super similar sunglasses
pictures by Kristyn

Ah, more black and white! SHOCKING. The evidence to why this shouldn’t be a surprise is here, here, and here. Hey, I’m a girl who know what she likes. 

Do you have a signature look or uniform? Every time I think I come close to narrowing down the field, I get distracted by something deep in the my closet and I head back to the drawing board. Let’s take this outfit for an example. It’s black, white, and leopard which I told you were my jam. I like a little wave in my hair and a red lip. This must be it! Did I discover my signature look? No, because then I decide I’m into pops of color again and I throw on a turquoise blazer over a white dress and completed the look with a bright fuchsia lip. 

Great. Is this the beginning of a sartorial identity crisis? Meh, perhaps.

Or it explains why I think personal style is so.much.fun. It changes and is ever evolving. If your personal style deeply reflects you (which I think it should) then it should evolve with you personality. And right now I am really effing loving spring so pops of color it is!

Let’s talk about this skirt for a minute. I was once fearful of the full midi skirt since I’m pretty pear shaped so I don’t need anything else emphasizing the lower half of me. (My ass and birthing hips do that job just fine, thank you very much). This skirt beats the odds though. It’s slimming at the waist, isn’t too long (I’m only 5’4 so I have trouble with skirt length) and isn’t too full. Even better, it comes in three colors.  Once an avid pencil skirt wearer, I’ve been converted to looser, more flowing silhouettes. Just in time for summer because we all know, pencil skirts are the WORST in the hot months. I've listed some other fuller shaped skirts below that should be flattering on most!

(I've actually tried all of these on so I can promise you they're figure flattering if you've got a little extra junk in your trunk if you know what I mean!)


  1. Great look. Love the pop of leopard.



  2. Love the skirt! My uniform as of late has been blue and white so may need to add this skirt to my wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.


  3. You are absolutely stunning! I love that skirt.