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Yes, it has been one of those weeks. It started on Sunday at the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms. It was me and 293480147834791391 of my closest friends frenemies. It was a cluster down there and perhaps an indication of the week to come. I'll spare you dicey and whiny details but when I got home from class last night and Princess Lucy had destroyed my Mira's, I could only shrug and think, "how fitting".

So yea, TGIMFF.

I plan to indulge in some retail therapy this weekend, because duh.

Some links I'm loving...
  • Did you know how pink came to be a girly color?
  • Not into pink? Maybe you're interested in a history on unisex fashion then.
  • If you're local, you'll be inserting all the praying hands emojis after reading this.
  • Speaking of the praying hands emoji, did you notice it doesn't have rays in the latest ios? I didn't!
  • Are you planning on shopping the Lilly x Target collection this weekend? Of course you are. This article from Racked covers everything you need to know.
  • I'm mildly obsessed with Iris Apfel
  • I fell into a very dangerous black hole this week: the world of beauty vloggers. While most of their looks aren't realistic for my day-to-day or really fit my style, I just love watching their videos. I love this video on drugstore make-up from Jaclyn Hill. Be warned: before you click on that link, grab a bottle of wine. You may be on the couch for awhile.

Sales, shopping and such....
  • 25% off at Kate Spade with the code DEAREST
  • Up to 70% off sale at ASOS. I'm not a big cutout fan but this dress is adorbs. This dress is a little more my style; it can easily be dressed up or down.
  • I'm kind of obsessed with these. Aaron thinks they look like grandpa shoes but I think they're cute and comfy. You can add it to the list of things I like that confuse Aaron. It's pretty long at the point.
  • Have you seen the new arrivals at J.Crew Factory? I'm l-o-v-i-n-g this skirt.

Coming up next week on A Dash of Gold...
  • Tips for folks heading to the Kentucky Derby
  • A casual weekend look

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