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link love

Happy Friday, Friends! Have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

I have two papers and a bunch of econ reading to get caught up on so I imagine I'll be a bit of a troll for part of the weekend cranking out school work. Fun. Aaron's dad is in town this weekend as well as his best friend from law school so I won't be spending all my time doing work but doing some bourbon and beer tasting with too. It's all about the balance, folks.

Links I'm loving from around the web today....
  • Check out the estimated costs of some your favorite tv show apartments in NYC.
  • This story about a guys cell phone getting stolen and how it leads him to China is insane. It's a long read but worth it.
  • With this weekend being the first weekend of Coachella, we can officially say festival season is upon us. And the fashion industry is cashing in.
  • I love this article about Amal Clooney and how she is taking NYC by storm. She is a human rights activist and a fashion icon (wihtout a stylist!) who has a trophy husband. I have a major lady crush.
Sale and such for you to check out...
Coming up on A Dash of Gold next week...
  • My favorite mascaras at every price point
  • My second career (inspired by Katie!)


  1. Happy Friday! I have a bunch of homework this weekend, too. I know we will be able to get it all done!

    ​xo katie // a touch of teal