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leopard, stripes, and lucy

blazer | shirt | jeans (DIY distressed) | shoes | necklace | clutch | earrings | sunglasses

Happy Monday Tuesday! I had this post ready to go yesterday and couldn't quite hit publish so here we are bright and early on Tuesday morning. I'd like to say the reason I couldn't hit publish was because I was just so busy but it was really because when I turned on my computer to to work, I fell down the rabbit hole of youtube beauty bloggers. I've got a problem y'all.

Last week I showed you guys how I DIY'd a pair of jeans. Voila! Here they are live and styled. I love them so much more and the length is a little more flattering. For reference, this is how I styled them pre-DIY. I completely unintentionally paired them with the same blazer and shirt but I think it shows what a difference a simple change can make to a look. Toss in a little leopard (duh) and some big baubles and you've got yourself a new outfit, ladies.

I picked up these sandals last week at Old Navy when I had some BR credit card rewards points burning a whole in my pocket. I love how easily they match almost everything but I do not love how they feel... yet. An uncomfortable shoe is a challenge I don't back down from. And a cute, comfortable high heel is just an urban legend right? I'm hoping that with a little blister block and mole skin I can convert these into a closet MVP. We shall see and I'll keep you updated. You could always pick up a similar pair from J.Crew Factory but I'm not convinced the quality will be that much better. 

And a Lucy update: it is quite clear this is Lucy's world and we're just living it. Girlfrand is a D-I-V-A. She legit struts down the sidewalk. I love her way more than I thought I ever could with the exception of when she ate a second pair of heels in two weeks. She wouldn't let us take these pictures without trying to run into the shot so we had to give in. She just needs to work on her smizing.

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