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sunshine and boyfriend jeans

Sweater (last seen here) | Jeans | Jacket (this seasons version) | Heels | Sunglasses | Purse | Belt 

When the weather is nice, DC comes out to play. So this weekend when the sun came out for the first nice day in 3+ months, I had to be a team player, right? I mean, who am I to let the team down? And while it was only a mere 55 degrees, it might as well have been 75. Everyone was out running enjoying bottomless brunch and beer gardens and ending up at the “happiest place on earth” – a gay sports bar that plays Robyn and Brittney all day. Well maybe that last part is just me but you get the picture.

I spent Saturday belly laughing fueled by champagne with my old roommates and I remembered just how much I love DC. All it takes is a little sunshine and some semi-decent weather.


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