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BE A GOOD FRIEND: I like this notion of being a friend in deed. My closest friends are those who know just what to do when I need a friend the most. I think this takes years of relationship building to know what those needed deeds are but you know you have a special friend when they are there for you in action not just in words.

"WE HAVE TO DO THINGS PEOPLE DON'T LIKE": I won't share any spoilers because I'm not that person but Aaron and I just came up for air after binge watching House of Cards all week. The global buzz is fascinating as I wasn't sure the story translated internationally and I'm surprised to see there are more viewers in NYC than in DC. Without exaggeration, I know less than 5 people in DC that don't watch HOC. If you haven't gotten started yet, read this article before settling into the couch all weekend. I'll be honest though, I'm not sure having known the negative affects of binge watching in advance would have stopped me. Or will stop me in the future.

LASH BLAST: I've been on a hunt to find a new drugstore mascara to replace my (former) favorite They're Real. I wanted to move away from spending $24 but couldn't find a drugstore replacement that was as long lasting. And then spent close to $24 trying bad mascaras. I popped into a MAC store on a whim and found this mascara and I've converted. The wand looks like a mini comb and is unlike any other wand I've used.The tiny comb lifts and pulls my lashes to give volume and length. It's a dark black color, lasts all day but is also easy to take off. Check it out next time you need a new tube.

SWIM SEASON: Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching. Wonderful. My building has a rooftop pool and Aaron and I already planning to spend most of the summer up there which means I need to pick up a few new swimsuits. What a first world problem. I, of course, don't want to break the bank but it is tough to find a budget swim suit that is both stylish and conservative. Old Navy is really impressive though. I love this color block suit and this top/high waisted bottom combo is very Topshop-esque for a fraction of the price.

TIME TO STOCK UP: The Shopbop sale ends tomorrow and don't wait to stock up for spring. I've been wearing these sunglasses non stop and love these embellished sandals. I missed the Birks boat last season but they are too comfy to pass on again this year. I love this caftan for the afrementioned pool days and love this hat for laying out. I have to stop day dreaming about sunny days while I look at my window because all I can see is snow right now. Will winter ever end?

Have a great weekend, friends!

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