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{dreaming of vacation} palm spring edition

School is rough this semester, you guys. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I enrolled but I did not expect it to be this challenging or this much work. Good one, Nicole.  In an effort to give myself a little extra motivation, Aaron and I are trying to decide where to vacation this summer.  Coincidentally, this works as a fabulous procrastination tool as well.  That’s two birds, one stone, folks.

First up on our wanderlust lists – Palm Springs.  Admittedly this is far higher on my list than Aarons. But hey, it’s my blog so I dowhattiwant. Aesthetically, Palm Spring is absolutely beautiful. It’s mid-century modern meet Spanish meets the desert. Its bougainvilleas and E. Stewart Williams and succulents.  It’s dry and it’s hot and its hip. 

Once a Hollywood hideaway, Palm Springs still boasts modern luxury like the Parker Hotel designed by Jonathan Adler.  Adlers vision for the hotel was “to unite happiness and chic”. The end result is mod colliding with old Hollywood. If we were cool enough (we’re not) we could also stay at the Ace Hotel –a rock and roll meets Boho oasis. Think DJ pool parties, live music almost nightly, and natural spa treatments next to the pool. Like I said—we’re not cool enough.  

What really excites me about Palm Springs (and is a selling point to Aaron!) is the opportunity to visit Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree is a National Park about 45 minutes from Palm Springs that offers hiking, camping, and climbing. There are two desserts within the park and tons of wildlife. 

Lastly, as if I need another excuse to visit California, Palm Springs is full of spas, vintage shopping and delicious restaurants. Hey, maybe I’ll see Lisa Vanderpump while I’m there too.

images 1, 4, 5 via ASLA

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