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black and grey

I have a very real love – hate relationship with these pants.

I love them for the presumably obvious reason that they are lounge pants disguised as pants appropriate to wear outside of the house.  Sneakily wearing lounge wear outside is a small win that I am happy to take.  Sitting at work feeling like you’re in your pajamas working from home rather than an office cubical is a glorious feeling which is why I try to reserve these pants for Mondays – the most brutal of all work days.

I hate them as they wrinkle almost instantaneously. I take precious time out of my morning routine (during which I am undoubtedly running late) to iron these pants and by the time I get to the office, it looks as if I put them on only after finding them rolled into ball at the bottom of my bag. If I wanted to wear these on a day I had an afternoon meeting, I would have to carry a purse sized steamer.

My hate for them also stems from that they frankly don’t look that great. They are not the most figure flattering pair of pants I own. So there’s that too.


So what is a pajama in disguise loving professional to do? Wear ‘em anyways, wallow in my comfort, and be sure to always carry a liter size bottle of wrinkle release.
Blazer - H&M
Clutch - Clare V.
Necklace - Baublebar
Pants - J.Crew Factory (similar)
Heels- Madewell