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an day at purebeauty rockville

I told you last week that I had my first grad school induced meltdown. I'm having trouble managing conflicting priorities on top of having trouble managing the material. I'm in really tough classes and the material isn't coming easily to me. It's intimidating.  That combined with PMS-ing is the recipe for disaster -- or in my case, a weepy meltdown only to be cured by ice cream and wine.

So after that, there was really no better time to have a day of pampering at the Purebeauty Salon & Spa in Rockville. Just a 35 min ride on the metro (from Chinatown), Pure Beauty is a little suburban spa oasis and an affordable one at that!

There are very few things as relaxing as a facial and a massage packed in a 1-2 punch. Being stressed has left my skin dehydrated and my back tense. You don't even realize how bad it is until strangers -- completely separate from each other -- ask you if you're under any stress. I guess you could say so. The stress of school and working isn't going to go anywhere for awhile so my facialist suggested using a hydrating serem to put moisture back into my skin. B6 vitamins are another solution. My stress has led to an oily t-zone and oil makes your pores look bigger. And boy, have those pores been unsightly lately. Applying topical hydrating solutions should rescue them. BRB going to buy up all the B6. 

Another helpful skin tip: don't think your SPF in your cosmetics is doing nearly enough. We all need to wear SPF of at least 30 which most makeup doesn't have. After you wash your face and apply toner, add a layer of SPF before applying makeup. Years from now, your skin will be very grateful.

Just need a quick afternoon pick me up? Try a mani/pedi and a blowout. Without exaggeration, this may have been one of the best manicures I've ever received. It was relaxing, the shape is perfect and the nail technician took his time to ensure each coat was even. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I'm not sure sure my nails have looked ever better.  Ah, the highs of a good mani.

After a long tiring day of being pampered (*insert your eyes rolling here*), sometimes you just need a blowout to walk out that door feeling extra fab-u-lous and ready to take on the world (or your econ homework). Join their blowout club at Purebeauty Salon and Spa and you're all set. 

Does life get any better? Nope, nope and a side of nope.

Unless you adopt this little nugget the same day :)

Thank you SO much to the team at Purebeauty Salon & Spa for hosting me for the day. I received complimentary services in exchange for an honest and authentic post. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to keep blogging!

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