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save or splurge: espadrille flats

tory burch espadrille knockoff

As we enter our 213941408 day in a row of arctic temperatures (okay fine, 4th) I can't help but daydream of spring. My mind has been wandering to pool days, baseball games, cut off shorts, cold beers and warmer weather. I can practically feel the warm weather from here! Nope, thats just my space heater. I'm still wearing 18 layers and can't feel my face

I've been loading up my virtual shopping carts and have been keeping an eye on espadrille flats since they're both chic and comfortable. You know, comfy chic is kind of of my jam. I'm not a huge Tory Burch girl and I'm definitely not a spend $135 on summer flats girl but I do love these cap toe espadrille flats and know they would quickly become a wardrobe workhorse. Leave it to my trusty Target to already have a budget friendly look alike.