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outfit outtakes | volume 1

I spent some time looking through old outfit photos to find a few pink or red outfits to share with you for some outfit inspiration in advance of  Valentine's Day. I discovered two things: 1) I don't wear a lot of pink or red and 2) the outtakes from old outfit shoots are way better than any pink or red outfits I did have to share.

So I present to you Outfit Outtakes Volume 1. I assure there are plenty more where these came from so this should be a semi-regular thing around these parts.
 ^^ so over it  ^^ 
^^ the one where half my leg disappears. but really, where did it go? ^^
^^ throwing some shade ^^
^^ "Ok, I'm done". Like seriously done ^^ 


  1. I love these photos! I definitely have a lot of these in my Lightroom!
    xoxo - Kate Style Petite