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drugstore dupe: oribe texturizing spray

Once upon a time, I found the holy grail of hair products. It arrived in a sample size in a Birchbox and I swear I heard the faint singing of angels when I opened the box. It was love at first spray and I even convinced myself the $42.00 price tag was worth every penny. It was the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray and it gave my fine hair lift like I've never had before. You know what they say, the higher the hair, the closer to God. I was practically his next door neighbor.

But that price tag....$42.00.... I was addicted to the stuff so I was going through the cans so fast. I started stealing from my family so that I could afford my Oribe habit. Kidding. I knew I had to find a reasonable alternative.

Enter: Gariner Fructis De-Constructed Texture Tease Spray. I found it Duane Reade in NYC and I was hooked. A drugstore dupe for Oribe that costs less than $4.00? Give me ALL DA CANS! Since then, it has been a regular in my Target shopping cart and I'm back to being inches away from the man upstairs. And just in time for Lent. Thanks, hair :)


  1. Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried any other Oribe products and identified good counterparts? I won't pay that price for hair products!

  2. I could have wrote this article myself, word for word. With the only exception being that I have medium to thick-ish hair. But I absolutely fell in love when I got it but could not justify the price tag. I saw the texture tease from gariner fructis and decided to try it. I think it works great and it smells nice, but not as good as the Oribe. Oribe smells like sweet, baby, magical unicorns, but when I can buy 9 cans of the drug store dupe I can get over it.