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Coffee Talk

Happy Thursday! Let’s have a little coffee talk. Like it’s just you and me chatting and catching up over an almond milk latte.

I'M FEELING: a bit overwhelmed.  I work in event management professionally and this week I have nine events all over the country, seven of which are tonight. It is a lot of moving pieces and I have that pit in my stomach that I’m forgetting something and I’ve let something slip through the cracks.  It feels like I've got two giant bricks on my chest and I can’t wait for tomorrow morning.

I'M THINKING ABOUT:  the bigger picture of blogging. I blog in waves. I find myself full of motivation to create quality content and devote a lot of time and energy to this little space. But then I taper off and I lose that momentum because I don’t have enough time or am in a creative rut. Perhaps it’s my MBA program helping me think about business ventures or it’s the fun of meeting new bloggers (like Kristyn who lives in my building) but I feel like I’m on an upswing and don’t want to lose the momentum again. I don’t have a solution yet but that’s what I’m thinking about.

I'M EATING: grapefruit! I HATED grapefruit growing up. In fact, I once broke up with a boyfriend after he told me as a baby he drank grapefruit juice rather than milk. Kidding. I didn’t break up with him after that but that sure was a character flaw. Amongst others... They were on sale at my local supermarket so I thought I’d try them since I’m so old and mature now in case my taste buds have evolved.  Boy, have I been missing out.

I'M WATCHING: Parenthood. And I’m crying a lot too. Like Kim Kardashian ugly crying.

I'M LISTENING TO: Only One.  I know everyone hates Kanye but I kind of love his hot mess self. He’s just such an unpredictable ass but I can’t look away from the train wreck. Also, Nori is a D-I-V-A and I love it. 

Pictures by Kristyn of Primp and Proper.
Jacket- H&M
Pants- Old Navy
Plaid Shirt- Lands End
Clutch- Old, (similar)
Scarf- Gap (similar)
Sunglasses- Rayban
Boots- Hunter


  1. I'm right there with you crying at Parenthood!

  2. So many events! Goodluck! I've also joined the Hunter boots club! So excited!
    xoxo - www.katestylepetite.com

  3. such a great post idea! and as always, I love your outfit, especially those Hunter boots!