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40 day wellness goals

Pants and backpack c/o Aeropostale 

Ah, Ash Wednesday-- the start of Lenten Season and 40 days of dieting, penance, fasting, and reflection. This year, as any good Catholic does, I'm taking the next 40 days to really work on my overall wellness. Don't worry Mom, I mean more than just a diet. Let's be real though...a lot of us Catholics use this to jump start a diet before pool season, right? I'm (Catholic) guilty as charged. I'm taking the next 40 days to work on my overall wellness both physically and spiritually. But I'll just share with you all how I plan to work on my physical wellness. Do you really care to read about my spiritual wellness goals? Nah....not here.*

I think I do an okay job with this already but there is certainly room for improvement. Staying hydrated can boost your metabolism which is obviously an important part of diet and overall wellness. Did you know though lemon water is loaded with health benefits? I'm planning to start each day with a cup of warm water and lemon juice.

I resolved to be more intentional this year which is something I've had to actively work towards. An area for improvement is being intentional with my meals. Far too often, I wake up late and grab whatever is easiest for lunch. Or worse-- grab nothing and have to buy an overpriced, high calorie lunch. Meal planning should help me eat better which will make me feel better overall.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I ain't drinking until Easter. With one small exception-- a wedding Aaron and I are going to later this month.


Maybe it's grad school or maybe its the weather but recently I haven't been as active as I'd like to be. I recently discovered Casey Ho's Pop Pilates and I am hooked. Has anyone else tried it? I also NEED to get back into running for both my physical AND spiritual health. I miss the feeling of hitting the pavement and simultaneously letting your mind and your legs do the work.

This one is both physical and spiritual. I feel like a weight is lifted each and every day when I journal and literally write down what I'm grateful for. And it's always a good reminder of how lucky and blessed I really am.

Email me if you do though! I would love to talk about it offline and hear what you think too!


  1. These are great ways to work on yourself during the Lenten season. I myself have made my list of dos and don'ts for these next 40 days. One thing I'm cutting out is social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have all been deleted from my phone and signed out of on my computer. This is going to be a time for my to cut back on the sharing (unless it's in person). Thanks for sharing your goals!

    Sunday Brunch

  2. Thankfulness seriously helps so much..spiritually and physically!!