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words of resolution

Happy New Year! 
(I know its almost half way through the month...just roll with me here)

The last time we talked was a little less than a month ago and I was burnt.the.eff.out. There really isn't any other way to say it. Being in class again, studying for the GRE, applying to grad school AND working full time was not only a test of my time management but my ability to keep going and stay motivated when things got HARD. It was a struggle to stay focused, keep my eye on the prize and get shit done. And I did.  Today I start school as a grad student! Woop!

But I also know the way I lived last semester was not sustainable. I was a crazy woman! Literally batshit bananas. So I challenged myself to sit down, slow the heck down and figure out what I really want for 2015. I'm not much of a resolution person -- my best resolution was in 2013 when my resolution was to only drink champagne which was fantastic. (Until Sunday morning hangovers set in...) So this year, rather than make "resolutions", I jotted down some words to live by and try to remember when I'm knee deep in shit accounting textbooks.

So hopefully this post serves as that reminder. If not,  I'm sure my number one blog fan (HI MOM!) will remind me :)

And if I still need another reminder.... this season of The Bachelor should keep me grounded. I'm watching as I write this post and can't help but think this is the craziest batch of women in a long time. Surriously, these betches be CRAY.

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