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Happy Friday! This week flew on by, didn't it? 

I'm excited to have some friends over for brunch this weekend who I haven't seen in FAR too long. It's been almost a month since we've seen each other which is an unusual for us so I'm looking forward to catching up and drinking all the leftover champagne from last weeks baby shower. I bought a few too many bottles but leftover champagne is not a problem I mind having. 

THE MISSION CONTINUES: Last week, I wrote about my mission to find black pants. Thank you for all your recommendations! I picked up this pair from Old Navy and really love them. I've worn them twice and they've stretched very minimally which is a win in my book. A few friends recommended the Sloan fit from Banana Republic which I plan to check out during the next one of their 40% off sales. I also love these so I hope to snag them on sale sometime soon too.

ON REPEAT: This week's jam is Lay Me Down for no particular reason aside from that it make a great singing in the shower song. Many apologies to my neighbors who more than likely can hear me belting it out. 

SHE'S NO BEYONCE: It's probably not news to you but Katy Perry* is this year's Super Bowl half time performer. Yawn. What should be interesting though are her costumes (yes, multiple) that are being designed by her good friend, Jeremy Scott. Also worth noting, it was reported that the NFL asked their top halftime show candidates to pay to perform. 

GET ME OUT OF THE SNOW: Aaron and I booked our tickets for a friends wedding in Arizona this February and I.cannot.wait. I am over the moon excited for our friends and its an added bonus the wedding is in the middle of the freaking dessert. Anywhere but snow, I say! It's a quick trip but of course that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about warm weather clothes. Give me some shorts, a panama hat and new d'orsay flats and I'm a happy girl.

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: Kate Spade announced this week it would be closing their lower priced line Kate Spade Saturday. Get your KS Saturday fix while you still can!

JUST SAY NO: Good for these celeb stars who didn't participate in the mani cam at last week's SAG awards. You go Glen Coco.

*I once heard a rumor that Katy Perry has been invited to perform at the White House but can't pass the security clearance which I find wildly amusing.

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  1. I'll second the Sloan fit at BR. I love those pants more than anything and they've held up well. I probably should be taking them to the dry cleaner, but they've been fine in the gentle cycle with a line dry. (But I'm due for a second pair that I promise to take proper care of. Haha.)

    There's a winter storm here today, so we did what anyone would do: booked a trip to South Florida. I know exactly how you feel about a warm weather vacation on the horizon.