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leather sleeve blazer: three ways

Hey there! Happy Tuesday!

A four day week sure does sound sexy but I'm realizing it really is just a 5 day work week shoved into 4 days. Not cute. Anyone else feeling that way this week? Contributing to my slow moving pace this morning is the fact that Aaron and I spent almost all weekend laying on the couch, snacking and binge watching The Wire. I suspect there is an indent on the couch from where my tush was planted all weekend though I've been too afraid to check.

I did take a break (and a shower) to meet up with Caroline to take some pics for her blog and she has this blazer which I love and is now on sale! You know my rule of three: (I tell myself) I won't buy something if I can't style it three ways which is exactly what I did as soon as I got home finished season three of the Wire, read for class and ate dinner ( possibly my 6th meal of the day but I lost count). After this little three-way exercise (I need to find a better way to say that) I decided I need a new blazer. But maybe that is just my DC hanging out.

Enjoy your week, ladies.

Full disclosure: the blazer in these images is from Theory but the Loft version looks exactly the same and is FAR more budget friendly.

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