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currently crushing it: old navy

I considered adding DOWNSIZE to my words of resolution I shared on Tuesday. For me, downsizing means a few different things. It means downsizing my closet to be more streamlined; it means downsizing the number of work commitments so I can better my work/life balance; and it also means downsize that waistline.

Last winter, I started running pretty regularly and, surprisingly, loved it. Running was an outlet for anxiety (while probably not the healthiest advice, stress running is the best) and my waistline reaped the benefits. Since moving in with Aaron, I’ve gained a bit of relationship pudge. You know… just a little extra squish from sharing meals with a meat and potato boy with the metabolism of a 4 year old. I’m not bitter or anything.

It’s cliché but the best way, for me, to get back into the routine at the gym is to feel great in new workout clothes which can be an expensive motivational habit to form. Enter: OLD NAVY. They are crushing the activewear game this season and right now, it is all 40% off. 

And while you’re in there.... pick up this sweater too. Isn’t it great?

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