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an update..

I got into business school this week!  What, like it’s hard? 

Some background for you: about 6 months ago, after exploring potential grad programs, I found myself leaning towards an MBA. I decided to take one of the program’s foundation courses as a non-degree seeking student to help me solidify my interest in the program. I think a small part of me (and perhaps larger than I’d like to admit) took the class to figure out if I was even capable of taking the program. The idea of graduate school, let alone business school, was intimidating and the class I took was hard. Like really hard. It was boring and 100% uninteresting. Plain and simple: it blew. But I really enjoyed being in school again and appreciated the routine.  Huh?! It came as a shock to this reformed party girl who made school a pretty low priority in undergrad.

What is making me feel ALL the feels is that at 28, I’m not getting married or having babies or buying a home. I’m going to grad school and I’m wildly excited about it. I’m a planner and always have been. And for a long time, I planned assumed that this point in my life would be about personal next steps rather than professional next steps. (Although I will certainly make the case that taking significant steps professionally allows you to take larger personal steps later. But perhaps that’s a post for another day.) But here I am, taking a huge step professionally not in lieu of taking personal steps but in addition to. And it’s a place I never imagined being even in my wildest dreams.

As young women, I feel like we’re put in this giant venn diagram of marriage/babies/relationship and career-driven ladder-climbers.  I suppose I always assumed the overlap in the middle was a small population but then I landed in the middle. And I’m looking around and seeing… I’m not alone. This middle overlap is way bigger than I thought.

Which brings me to this blog.  I started writing this blog because I felt like there was a void in the blog world of blogs written by young professionals I could relate to. I work full time and have a great job but still have to shop on a budget so I can save for new OTK boots or a family vacation.  I’ve been in a relationship for four years and talk about marriage but there is no one that has supported me more in going back to school than my boyfriend. I want a seat at the table professionally but also want to leave at 5 to come home to a home I’ve created and nurtured.  I am the overlap in the venn diagram and I think it’s pretty likely that you are too. I just forgot about that which is, I think, why I haven't been posting much around here or feeling inspired. 

So I’m going to sign off for a bit so I can spend the next few weeks re-energizing and refocusing before the new year.  I’ll see you in 2015.

Happy holidays, friends! 



  1. congratulations! Also, seriously love that quote.

  2. congrats! i feel like i can relate to this post. when i went back to grad school after being out of school for two years. it was scary but it feels great. you will grow not just professionally but personally as well. its an empowering experience. i'm excited for you!

  3. Well this made ME feel all the feels! So proud of you girlfran!