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Is it too early for winter white? If so, you’re going to have to let it go. I am fully embracing it… (in this post). Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been doing some closet purging lately and keep pulling aside anything too loud or busy. I’ve been so drawn to soft neutrals lately and this outfit is certainly the result. Neutrals are just easier, all match and still make me feel inspired. Isn’t that the sweet spot of a closet? 

It is important to note that I got this jacket from Costco. Yes, that Costco as in the wholesale warehouse and no, it didn't come in an 8 pack. Seriously though, this jacket was $40 and is the softest buttery-iest (that is definitely not a word) faux leather you’re going to find out there. And leave it to me to find it at Costco of all places. Who goes in to Costco for paper towels and comes out with a faux leather jacket (and of course a box of Kind bars, a 40 pack of Fage, 5 lbs of quinoa, and 4 bottles of wine). THIS GIRL.

Jacket- Costco (alternatives below!)
Top- Nordstrom Rack
Scarf- c/o Peruvian Connection
Hat- H&M
Bag- Urban Outfitters (in lots of colors here!)


  1. Definitely not too early for winter white. I'm loving this soft neutral look. That scarf is amazing and way to go finding a steel at Costco!

  2. Love this look! Perfect for some weekend shopping!


  3. I love this look! It’s so polished and cozy. I have been in the market for a great faux leather jacket so I am super excited about this one from Costco. Costco is the best! I was just curious if this jacket is the same one they offer online. The online one is “Bernardo” brand but it is only $25 and comes in four different colors. For that price, I might have to get one in a couple different colors. Thanks for your help!