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must have: chunky knit sweater

oversized sweater, H&M chunky sweater, chunky knit,

1. {for work} one | two | three | four | five
2. {for play} one | two | three | four | five | six
3. {for weekend} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

I bought this chunky knit sweater on a whim last week. There is an H&M in the DC train station that I have proudly avoided during all my work trips in which I travel by train. And let me tell you, there have been a number of opportunities to just "pop in". It is usually the weight of my overpacked luggage or work laptop that dissuades me from stopping in to browse but this past week coming back from Philadelphia, I found myself asking "why the heck not?" Right there in front of me when I walked in was this sweater underneath a sign that said "Weekly Deal -- only $14.95". It is almost as if the universe was rewarding me for avoiding H&M for so long. I think I could actually hear the universe whispering..."Here you go, Nicole! A cream colored chunky knit sweater for less than $20 and it's all yours. You're welcome." Before any purchase, I put the item through a can-I-wear-it-three-ways test which was, truthfully, implemented as a result of a bad impulse purchase habit. Who me? An impulse shopper? Shocking I know. Suffice to say, the sweater passed the test. In fact, I can even wear it a fourth way though not pictured here. I envision it with leggings, a bowl of Special K, the couch and Scandal OnDemand.

How do you wear chunky sweaters?

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