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link love

(I'm not sure why I never posted these pictures so I'm turning today's post into an outfit and link love post. #sorryimnotsorry.)

I've got a thrilling weekend ahead of me. Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, buying bar stools for our counter and studying for the GRE since in true Nicole fashion I've waited until last minute to start. Did I mention I'm taking it in two weeks...? 

What are you up to this weekend? Prepping for Thanksgiving too? Can you even believe Thanksgiving is only a week away? I can't. I've been much better this month about being focused and staying present so while I don't feel like the month crept away from me, I'm still kind of surprised it's almost over! 

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

THE TRICKLE DOWN EFFECT OF FAST FASHION: Stores like H&M and Zara have capitalized on our obsession with fast fashion. They provide instant gratification for the trend obsessed. But what happens when trends move on? This article is an interesting look at what is happening as we, as a society, are buying and purging at an ever increasing rate. It's an interesting glimpse into the world of textile recycling which is a new world to me.

THE CAMPAIGN FOR CHAMPAGNE: It's no secret that I love me a cold glass of champs. And its also no secret that there have been many times I've wanted needed a champagne emojii. My dreams may be coming true soon. (Please note that four different people shared that article with me....)

OLD NAVY DOES IT AGAIN: This coat is only $50. You're welcome. 

WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE: Watch this hilarious video of a golden retriever try to pass an agility test. Oh the distractions!

UGLY SWEATER IN A BOX: Well this certainly is convenient. Leave it to Nordstom to provide an alternative to a thrift store to find your ugly Christmas sweater. I think we've come full circle now.

START YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING HERE: Speaking of Nordstrom, don't even bother checking out other holiday guides. Nordstrom has them all right here. (Just kidding-- mine will start next week!) 

TRADER JOES FOR THE WIN: Popsugar compared supermarket prices in a handy dandy infographic this week. I try to do most of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe's so its validating to know love for the store is also benefiting my wallet. 

THE PERFECT COFFEE TABLE BOOK: Despite being lactose intolerant, my answer to the "if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life" question is always mac and cheese. It's my favorite food. That means I need this book, right? 

PS- Don't forget to enter Tuesday's giveaway! It ends in three days!

Sweater- H&M (same in different color)
Jacket- c/o aeropostale
Jeans- Gap
Booties- Target
Bag- Urban Outfitters (on sale!)

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