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Happy Friday!

THE QUEST CONTINUES: I have been looking for the holy grail of d'orsay pumps for what feels like months. I'm looking for black (preferably suede), a heel between 3.5 and 4 inches and less than $100. Who knew it would be so hard? This pair is 20% off with the code HOLIDAY (as is everything else at Bloomingdale's right now). I've had my eye on this pair from Trouve but am not sure I love the heel. And there's this pair from Banana Republic but I want to be able to use a 40% discount on them but can't since they are a BR pick right now.

THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN WEAR TULE: I love this look back at some of Carrie Bradshaw's best outfits. I think her outfits in Paris in season 6 were my favorite but I do love classic Carrie from the earlier seasons. Do you have a favorite Carrie look?

ONE LETTER MATTERS: Who know removing one letter from a movie title could change the whole movie. Check out these illustrations from an artist who removed one letter from movie titles. Pretty clever, ey?

BALLET TRANSFORMED: I've always found ballet to be beautiful (I danced growing up but never graduated to toe shoes) and its incredible to see what happens what technology is infused

A DASH OF SPARKLE: The holidays (and subsequent holiday parties) are coming up. Are you ready? This is a great clutch that would dress up any desk to drinks look.

ALL HAIL THE QUEEN: I love Connie Britton and I'm thrilled to read I'm not the only one. Nashville is my guilty pleasure and when she teamed up with Planned Parenthood this summer, I knew I loved her for a reason. This is an interesting article about her career and success as a female over 40 in Hollywood.

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL: The home decor continues in our new apartment and I ordered this mirror from Target this week. It arrived today and its a beaut. And less than $40!

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