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We made it! Happy Friday to y'all!

It's been a long but productive week and the first and only week in November without any work travel. I assumed November would be a quiet month before the holiday season but apparently it would only be a quiet week. It's gearing up to be another one of those months and I'm challenging myself to not wake up on the 30th and ask where the heck did the month go like I did on the 31st of October.

I'm excited to spend this weekend brunching with some girlfrans, ikea-ing (and subsequent hacking) with Aaron and snapping some pics for Caroline. I guess I should throw some studying in there too....

THE BEST REBUTTAL TO CATCALLING: #dudesgreetingdudes is one man's response to hypocrisy of men saying they're just complimenting women when they catcall women on the street.

THE BLANKET SCARF IS THE PSL OF FALL ACCESSORIES: I love me a good blanket scarf and I'm not even going to pretend its not basic. My blanket scarf is cozy, keeps me warm and as an added bonus makes my big head look smaller. It's all about proportions, ladies! I loved the red tones of the Zara scarf that launched the madness last year and Mango has a pretty solid lookalike this year.

DO YOU FAKE IT?: Get your head out of the gutter. I'm talking about Thanksgiving. Erin, of House of Ernest, writes this week about what she cooks vs. what she fakes when it comes to November's biggest meal. My dad is coming to DC this year (hooray!) to celebrate with Aaron and me and it will be the first Thanksgiving meal we've cooked in our new place. Sine we have limited space, we'll have to "fake" some of it. What do you fake when it comes to Thanksgiving? Anything?

WOOL HATS FOR FALL. GROUNDBREAKING: I hope you read that in your best Meryl as Miranda/Anna voice. This maroon wool hat is to die for. And it's less than $15. You can thank me later.

LONG GONE ARE THE DAYS OF PERFORMANCE FLEECE: Tell me you had a performance fleece growing up? No? Oh me neither..... Have you seen some of this season's styles from Old Navy? They have stepped up their game. #crushingit

GUARD YOUR WALLETS: It's the Nordstrom 40% off sale. It's like the half yearly sale but in the fall. Now is your chance to get your hands on a Rebecca Minkoff crossbody or Vince Camuto Over the Knee boots for less than $150. These Ivanka Trump heels are the perfect pumps for work and her shoes are amazingly comfortable. I love the oversized flowers on this sweater and this drape front jacket could be great for work or play.

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  1. #dudesgreetingdudes is the best. It was a great way to address a serious topic with an injection of humor. Good approach!

    Sunday Brunch