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five things im loving

1. beaded clutch | 2. lip gloss | 3. pom pom hat | 4, candle | 5. rings

Hello! How was your weekend?

My weekend was lovely. It was low key yet productive. I was able to spend some quality time with some girlfriends over brunch, Aaron and I's relationship survived another trip to Ikea and I did some general catching up around the house. I find that these quiet weekends running errands and getting organized make me feel far more relaxed (and content) than weekends of nothing. Does that make me a real adult? The jury's still out on that one.

I started a little closet purge this weekend and I say little because I really mean only putting aside 3 or 4 things. It feels a bit more like de-cluttering than purging but it felt great none the less. I feel like I'm removing the "noise" from my closet. Does's that make any sense at all? I find (as evident by the 5 things above) that I'm leaning towards simplistic and soft things. Probably in an effort to be cozy all.the.time. Because 100% cozy 100% of the time would be living the dream, folks.