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why your benefits matter


I know what you're thinking. It's too darn early to be thinking about health benefits and I'm here to read about style and beauty deals. Ain't nobody got time for open enrollment season. Welp, that is exactly the problem. According to an Aflac survey, nearly half of millennials spend 30 minutes or less preparing and selecting their benefits. That’s literally the same amount of time it takes to watch the Mindy Project while you’re on the elliptical. That’s how invested us millennials are in decisions about health insurance which is a decision that could save or cost you hundreds of dollars. That’s a winter coat and your dream over the knee boots for fall, ladies!

So now you’re thinking, yea you’re right! Wait, but why are YOU writing about this, Nicole? Because just like you, I just deleted all the open enrollment emails my employer sent me and clicked the cheapest box. I’m young ,fabulous, healthy and hardly ever need to go to the doctors so why wouldn’t I just pick the easiest cheapest option. I like to see my money hanging in my closet, not in pre-taxed deductions on my paycheck. That is until after I got the bill from a recent trip to the ER (I’m fine!) and realized how much my out of pocket expenses were going to be with my current insurance plan.  Even worse? After reviewing my other benefit options, I realized I could have saved hundreds of dollars had I gone with another benefit plan during my last open enrollment. It’s a harsh realization to think that without the right plan, I could be one emergency away from financial disaster.

It’s not going to happen again, my friends. And I hope that it doesn’t happen to you.

Four steps to rocking Open Enrollment season:
1. REVIEW YOUR CURRENT PLAN: This sounds like a no brainer but do you even know what your current benefit plan covers? Yea, me neither.
2. COMPARE PLANS: Don’t assume your current plan is the best plan. Aflac provides individual and group voluntary insurance products that helps protect more than 50 million people worldwide. Clearly, they’re doing something well.
3. ASK QUESTIONS: Ask your mama, ask a friend, ask an HR professional, ask anyone! Open enrollment isn't always straight forward. Ask for help.
4. TAKE YOUR TIME: Open enrollment is a month long for a reason. It gives you plenty of time to do steps 1-3 :)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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