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plaid and grey

Happy Monday Tuesday, folks!

I tried, oh how I tried, to get organized enough to have a posts ready for the week. In fact, I tried just about everything to avoid studying for my upcoming accounting midterm. I'm happy to report every towel in my apartment is washed, my carpet is vacuumed, floors swept, everything is dusted, each pantry shelf is organized, DVDs are alphabetized, and my make up brushes are washed. You get the picture. Turns out, I still had time to study and that's what I did. All.Freaking.Weekend. As an undergrad, I was all about the late night study sessions the night before an exam and not surprisingly my GPA reflected that. Apparently, my present day study habits are kin to pregnant women nesting. No, I'm not pregnant; I'm drowning in accounting practice problems. Hey, at least my apartment is clean.

And if you're wondering....no, I will not be sitting for the CPA exam anytime soon. Or ever. Cash flow statements make my head explode.

Flannel- Target (similar)
Shirt- Target
Jacket- Old Navy (similar)
Jeans- Old Navy, diy distressed
Necklace- Baublebar
Bag- Madewell (super similar, less than $50 and reversible!)
Booties- Forever 21 (identical and 20% off online)