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Is it really November tomorrow? WHERE did this month go? No, really though. How have 31 days of the best month of the year slipped right past me? Clearly the practice of being more present has evaded me. Oh well, maybe next month. How are you celebrating Halloween this year? You know that I’m not much of a Halloween person thanks to countless costume parties in college so I’m looking forward to a quiet night of scary movies on the couch with my man.  Literally there is no way I’d rather spend my night…. Unless we were watching Hocus Pocus instead of something scary J

Wheres the autotune?: Despite not being Halloween related, T-Pain's Tiny Desk Concert wins the internet this week. 

More bananas than Elsa's this year: This is an interesting map of the most googled costumes by state. Are we really more into banana costumes than Frozen costumes this year? 

More stuff I don't need: I don't need a new coat this winter despite how perfect this one with leather sleeves is from J.Crew Factory. It's also on sale today with the code CANDYPLS. Do I need another hat? No. Do I want another hat? Yes. Perhaps this one...

Stuff you do need: I wear my utility vest all the time and find it to be far more versatile than I originally anticipated. In fact, its one of the most worn pieces in my closet. This one from Nordstrom is less than $30.

Bottoms up: Try one of these Halloween themed cocktails tonight!

Food for thought: It seems like over the past few years more and people have been using Dia de Los Muertos style costumes and make up for Halloween. Before you try that this year, read this article. There are certainly two schools of thought here but the bottom line is, be respectful. 

Enjoy your weekend! Be safe!

xo, Nicole

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